Minecraft Crafting – How to Make Body Armor

Crafting armors is one of the things that you must not overlook when playing Minecraft. Without it, your odds for survival will decrease. The reason for this is obvious, if you are not wearing any protective gear, then you will be defenseless against the attacks of the enemies, particularly the monsters.

The boots is the simplest to construct and inexpensive too. To make your boots, go to your workbench and place some materials on your crafting panel, place 2 on the left column and another two on the right column. That’s it, you have your boots. Your defense points for the boots is 1.5.
Next, to craft the helmet, the procedure is the same as with the boots but one material must be place in the space in the middle of the grid. The materials on the grid must form an “H” shape. The helmet will yield 1.5 defense points

To give your defense mechanism a boost, it is time to activate Minecraft crafting. The crafting will allow you to create different armors that will serve as your protective body suit. To begin, start with making your helmet and boots.

To complete your body armor, you will also have to create a chest plate and pants. These two items will give you higher defense compared to the boots and helmets can.

In conclusion, Minecraft crafting an armor cost a lot. Just one full body armor already takes 24 materials to create. Sure, you can use leather obtained from butchering cows but you will want to make the best armor so you will need 24 diamonds, and this is really pricey, right?